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Professional coaching for makers, designers, and entrepreneurs.

Explore and unblock what holds you back from starting or shipping; seeking support and mentorship; breaking down complexity; identifying your voice and the WHY of your work; getting unstuck; balancing hobbies, family, work, and relationships; and more.

Why Coaching?

We get lost in our own heads, get distracted, or lose the plot.

We unconsciously weigh down our passions with goals and the accomplishments of others, or we circle around a desire without taking a structured approach to reach it.

Coaching provides structured and potentially transformative approaches to getting to where we want to be — facilitated in a co-creative and accountability-focused way.

Who do I coach?

I work with makers, designers, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists who are:

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Accessible Pricing for Different Coaching Needs

Single Session

For individuals


  • 1 session
  • For Individual Use
  • Sessions Don't Expire

Three Sessions

for deeper explorations


  • 3 sessions
  • For Individual Use
  • Sessions don't expire
  • Gift Certificates Available

Annual Coaching

for monthly maintenance


  • 12 sessions/yr
  • For Individual Use
  • Up to 2 session a month
  • Discount on additional sessions

Team Coaching

for up to 5 members


  • 25 sessions/6mo
  • Up to 5 clients
  • Up to 10 sessions per month
  • Discount on additional sessions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is an investment through time, energy, and money. Here are some common questions my clients have had before signing up.